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Alfa to Saraki: Obey court orders, inaugurate me as Kogi East senator

Isaac Alfa, retired Air Marshal, has asked Senate President Bukola Saraki to obey the court order which affirmed him as the senator representing Kogi East.

In January, the apex court struck out the appeal of Atai Aidoko, incumbent Kogi East senator, who had appealed the decision of the appeal court.

The appeal court had upheld the decision of the trial court which declared Alfa as the candidate that won the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary poll.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, Alfa expressed dismay at the “selective obedience and disobedience” of court orders by Saraki.

He said the senate president has not been able to tell him why he has not been sworn in as the senator representing Kogi east since the verdict of the apex court.

“I want to be sworn in on the 19th of February when the senate resumes. By swearing me in that will be the beginning of the senate showing the world that yes we are ready to obey court orders,” Alfa said.

“Instead of criticising the executive for disobeying court orders, the senate will show example to people that we are ready to start doing the right thing.

“I have not been able to obtain from Dr Saraki the actual reason behind his determination to keep me out of the senate at all cost, although people have advanced several reasons; from his determination to install his stooge as the next governor of Kogi state with senator Aidoko as deputy, his hatred for Igala people of Kogi state for a perceived wrong they might have done to his father to his personal hatred for the ex-military, with me as a very high symbol, not minding the fact that I am in the same party with him.”

Alfa also said the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) had failed to discipline P. I. N Ikwueto and F. S Jimba – both lawyers of Aidoko – for alleged professional misconduct.

“The two lawyers have continued to file frivolous motions to delay justice and perpetuate senator Aidoko in the senate illegally, a reason Dr Saraki has always used to keep Aidoko in the senate,” he said.

“Without any ambiguity, the situation as it stands today is very clear supreme court ordered the federal high court to determine who is the senator representing Kogi east.

“High court declared Air Marshal Alfa as the winner in the case and the rightful occupant of the seat. Senator Aidoko appealed to the court of appeal against the judgment of the high court.

“Court of appeal struck out Aidoko’s appeal and upheld the judgment of the high court in favour of senator Isaac Alfa, maintaining that the judgement of the high court in favour of Air Marshal Alfa is subsisting and valid.

“Senator Aidoko and the PDP appealed to the supreme court against the judgment of the court of appeal and the supreme court struck out senator Aidoko and PDP’s appeals and affirmed the judgment of the court of appeal.”

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