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WhatsApp expiration on BB phones shifted to June 2017

The initial date set by WhatsApp for the expiration of its application on certain phones like the Blackberry OS at the end of 2016 has been shifted.

Vanguard reports that the new date for the expiration of the usage of the app has now been moved to June 2017 as the users of the phone now have more time to enjoy the service on their mobile devices.

It was gathered that when this announcement was made, a lot of people had started swapping their phones and even some decided to sell them while the sales of the phones dropped significantly in the market.

Observers are now saying this new decision to extend the expiry date of this application from the BB OS phones may be as a result of the latest video calling addition to WhatsApp announced by mark Zuckerberg, founder of popular social media site, Facebook.

Individuals with the phones using the Operating System now have the privilege of enjoying the service until the middle of June, 2017.

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