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Senator Remi Tinubu cannot get pregnant, says Dino Melaye

Senator Remi Tinubu cannot get pregnant, says Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye has said that Senator Remi Tinubu has no chances of getting pregnant following reports that he threatened to impregnate the wife of the national leader of All Progressive Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Earlier media was awash with reports that Senator Melaye, representing Kogi-West at an executive session of the senate on Tuesday attacked Senator Tinubu, poured vitriolic invectives on her, and threatened to impregnate the 56-year-old senator.

Dismissing the reports on Thursday while addressing the media, Senator Melaye said the reports that he attacked Tinubu at the same time threatened to impregnate her did not add up.

“I want to assure you that this is the true story of what transpired. It is fallacious, malicious and a lie that I said I will impregnate Mrs. Tinubu. Biologically it is even impossible to impregnate Mrs. Tinubu because she has arrived menopause.

“If you also look at that statement for those of us who are intellectually mobile, how can you say you want to beat somebody and at the same time you want to impregnate the person if you juxtapose the two is there any correlation, does it make any logical sense. So, when they planted this falsehood they did not think deeply,” he said.

Giving his own side of the story, “It is absurd for a woman to look for her colleague, and call him a thug and a dog when he has not personally addressed you. unfortunately I did not have the anointing to be quite when you are being insulted I replied accordingly. I repeat there is no reaction without an action. If she did not call me a dog or a thug there is no way I would have responded.

“I responded I have no regrets for responding and defending my person. And if tomorrow or in the next 1hour, Senator Tinubu again called me any name I shall equally respond accordingly,” Melaye explained.


Read the full statement below:

It is my sincere pleasure to address you this morning. It wouldn’t have been necessary to address you on the subject matter am about to address you on. But it has become expedient that despite the fact what I am addressing you on, transpired in the executive session of the senate but because of the misinformation by people of inordinate ambition out there.

It has not only become expedient but it has become very, very paramount that I address you on this subject matter. On Tuesday, the 12th of July, we had an executive session to discuss basically on the issue of forgery case in court and when I stood up to address and I want to say that on my honour as a Christian, and on my honour as a father and on the oath of my office as a senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria, I am telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I have never been a coward, I will not start an apprenticeship programme now on how to become a coward. Whatever I say anywhere I can boldly repeat everywhere. When I stood up, and I made my submissions that day in the senate, all I did was to pacify my colleagues and asked that the case in court be withdrawn because already there is a resolution of the senate that the rules of the senate were not forged. And since there was a resolution of the senate that the rules of the senate were not forged then I said all those who have gone to court should go and withdraw their names from court. And that if at the end of the day those who refused to withdraw their names from court we should penalise them by suspending them, I said that.

But I did not use any insolent, abusive, degrading or mannerless language. So there was no reaction from any of our colleagues as regards my presentation. After I spoke so many other senators spoke and I did not mention the name of any senators while I was making my presentation, unfortunately senator Oluremi Tinubu got up and was recognised to speak and immediately she started speaking she specifically mentioned my name even when in my presentation I did not mention anybody names I only appealed to the sensitivities of my colleagues and asked them to withdraw their case from court and reminded them already that there was a resolution of the senate that the rules were not forged.

But because of reasons only known to senator Oluremi Tinubu she got up the first thing she said was that she’s being harassed in this chamber by senator Melaye. I kept quite at that point, she went ahead to say that why would i come here and be threatening senators and there was a large chorus from senators how, when, where, senators reacted.

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