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‘I take my dethronement in good faith’ — Sanusi breaks silence

Emir-Kano-Sanusi-Lamido-2-696x374-1Muhammadu Sanusi II, the deposed emir of Kano, says he considers his dethronement as the will of God. 

The Kano state government announced the destoolment of Sanusi over allegations of insubordination on Monday.

Aminu Bayero, son of the late Ado Bayero and emir of Bichi, was installed as Sanusi’s replacement.

In a video recording on Tuesday, Sanusi who spoke in Hausa asked the people of Kano to support the new emir.

”Greetings my people. We are always thankful to God for all the things we experience that never end. I was dethroned as the emir of Kano on the 9th of March, 2020. God has kept me in health for about six years on this throne,” he said.

”The one who gives, has taken. Leadership is given to one to keep and when it’s time, the person has to give it back. God has already fore-planned when one will stay or leave and that’s why we have taken in good faith everything that has happened. We agree, we are grateful, we are cheerful. We thank the people of Kano for all the love they have shown us thus far, for the followership, and obedience.

”We thank all the people that have helped us and that have supported us. We thank the brethren with good hearts that stayed and made these decisions. We plead to our children and people that whoever becomes leader, they should follow him to fufil his duties. I thank the brethren and I’m telling them that God is infallible and whatever he does is right.

”And today, it shouldn’t bother them. When something starts, it’s the end we look out for. God will make the end good, he’ll make us finish well. We thank the God that gave us the ability to serve for the years we did, the one that gave us the ability to build the structures we built here.

”Let us continue to pray that God blesses the state and cause it to prosper and give the proper leadership. This palace, God should cause it to prosper and our land, God should return it, God should fill us with joy. We are grateful, thank you, thank you. We leave you in happiness, we leave you in a good state of heart, we leave you in thanks.”

Sanusi’s grandfather was deposed as emir of Kano in 1963 and banished to Azare in Bauchi.

Watch full video below.

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