Customer Explains How He Deploys Online Shopping For Time Management, Safety Protocol

Online shopping is a bundle of ease, flexibility, comfort and convenience. And in the current global state of things, it offers more with safety, as everyone keeps cognisance of the deadly Covid-19 virus, especially its more potent variant known as Delta.

An avid online shopper, Sunkanmi Emmanuel is one who leverages internet services in different aspects of his daily activities. One of the many that meets his daily needs is the Jumia Food network that avails him of effective time management and accessibility. “I don’t want to go to the restaurant because of the current third wave of Covid-19. I also prefer ordering online because I don’t want to stay in a physical queue because that could take some of the time I’d rather use on my laptop for other things,” he explained.

Emmanuel said he works basically on security for his company and most time administration duties. This leaves him with less time for personal things. So having a platform to take off some of his personal burdens is a welcome advantage. “I hardly have time for myself, and most of the time, I work virtually. I’m in a virtual meeting. I don’t have time to go to a restaurant to book to get food. Rather, I prefer ordering online with Jumia Food so I can have accessibility, so I can concentrate on other important things, while they do that for me. So it’s cost effective and time saving.”

Jumia Food platform provides a network of food restaurants, both local and international, which gives customers choice options with their various offers. “Chicken Republic gives me an opportunity to use their refuel meal which is quite cheap if you look at current market prices. Some of the restaurants I use are Chicken Republic Opebi, The Place Alausa, Chicken Republic Alausa. Most times I order Fried rice, Jolof Rice and Chicken, Spaghetti and drinks,” Emmanuel said.

His access to these services is powered with the Jumia app which he also deploys for utility bills payment and mobile top up. With cases of Covid-19 Delta variant in Nigeria by the day, more companies are beginning to revisit the remote work options, while others are reducing their work hours and days.

Whichever option is taken, one way of making employees safer is promoting the e-shopping culture and encouraging them to imbibe them. A good place to start is deploying available online platforms for food and groceries shopping. It saves work time, and helps maintain distancing protocols.

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