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Apostle Johnson Suleman Storms Ibadan, Lagos and Anambra

Apostle Johnson Suleman

…Promises Miracle And Deliverance

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, recently had the Switzerland and Italy editions of his ongoing ‘Raw Power Crusade’ that were huge success. A charity agent, Suleman’s evangelistic missions have taken him to all the continents of the world.

On his recent visitation to Bologna, Northern Italy, the acclaimed Oracle of God declares that his movements and activities since he met Christ have remained divinely, because, “on His instructions, I have been teaching, healing, delivering, restoring and imparting preachers and people of the world through the conferences and crusades. And just as it has been happening with us by the special grace of God, the Restoration Crusade at Bologna in Northern Italy was a galaxy and compendium of power and testimonies.

This was a conference where people from various continents of the world were influenced positively by the new anointing. At the Bologna crusade, countless cases written off by the doctors and forgotten by medical science, through Jesus’ mighty power, were reversed and given a new directive to live and function again.

There are other conferences coming like the Restoration crusade at Ibadan between September 27 and 28, the International Ministers Conference in October, which is a 2-day conference for Ministers of God from over 70 nations around the world, the Raw Power USA in October, the Restoration train hits Liberia as the largest and biggest crusade ever in Africa comes up in Monrovia on the 10th and 11th October, and the Onitsha Restoration in November.”

This week Tuesday, the healing and miracle train will storm the ancient city of Ibadan. The Oracle of God, on the two-day crusade, says, Ibadan will remain manifest in the Glory of God during and after the programme.

“There are two things that pain causes; you either cry or you fight. If you cry, you will cry again; but if you fight, you will win. By this great gathering coming up, Ibadan is ready to take its destiny by hand and conquer the opposition as we pray and teach the principles to win the battles of life and restore all glories through Christ Jesus. The People of Western Nigeria, particularly Oyo State, will be having one of the best opportunities to experience the hand of God as we bring the Ibadan Restoration Crusade. Whatever has been done against the city, it will be undone,” he vows.

On the Anambra Restoration Crusade that comes up between November 8th and 9th in Onitsha, Suleman says it will win Anambra victory and will give its generations rest forever. “There are challenges no doubt, but only one major breakthrough can answer all the questions from one’s mouth. That is our mission in Anambra.”

On 13th and 14th October, ‘The Undeniable with Apostle Johnson Suleman’ will hit Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos. “It’s a promised comeback that will be revealing in glory and testimonies. In October, Suleman’s OFM headquarters would be moving temporarily to Lagos for the second huge part of its Restoration mission. “Lagos is work in progress.” “The last experience was a huge success, but when  we came with Raw Power Lagos then, we promised to return with the next bigger part of the crusade, which we tag National Fire and Miracle Night. We are fulfilling that promise by 13th and 14th of October as we are storming Lagos with the biggest revival vigil the city is yet to witness in recent time. It’s going to be an all night long of testimonies to His power, grace and miracles. These conferences are ordained by God and are packaged in such a way that they deliver on the divine promise of manifestations, healings, deliverances, restorations, accurate prophetic utterances, and more”, he affirms.

The best time a minister can ever have is, when he has the opportunity to be taught, trained and exposed to eternal truths for ministerial exploits. This is the aim behind the ‘Minister Without Blemish’ conference of 4th and 5th October 2016 that promises a refreshed, revived spirit of exploits on servants of God from the world over.

Anytime God wants to take a people out of adversities into a new life, He sends a prophet to do it. Suleman, between 10th and 11th October, will take the crusade to Liberia where he believes “her enemies are set to give way as God’s end time battle axe against wickedness and afflictions descends” during the Monrovia for Liberia Restoration Crusade.
At the Tulsa Raw Power Conference of 18th and 19th October in Oklahoma, Suleman promises two things; problems will give way and God will position the people of Tulsa for Greatness.

It was Apostle Suleman’s third apostolic visit to South Africa in this year alone. The conference had a convergence of people from all parts of South Africa including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Capetown, Limpopo, Durban and more. Also, people from US, the UK, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Botswana, Angola, DR Congo and other African nations attended. On the team of Suleman also were the Nigeria born inspirational Gospel music singer, Chris Morgan, and South African Gospel music stars, Israel Mosehla and Hlengiwe Mhlaba, including female Gospel singer, Vicky Vilakazi.

The Conference which held at the prestigious Mosaiek Teatro in Fairland, Randburg, recorded several miracles. The deaf heard, the blind regained sights, the cripple walked, and barren wombs were opened. Following the healing session, Apostle Suleman dazzled a lady 1000 U.S. Dollars through his charity foundation, ‘Touch of Love.’

On the charity front, the latest of Apostle Suleman’s humanitarian gesture went to a group of three young Gospel artistes who he blessed with cash gifts. The promising three whose band goes by the name, Fikky, Tyme and Prayer Point, attended the last Sunday Drama Carnival at the Auchi international worship centre, in the company of a friend to say thank you to the Apostle who has been of consistent support to their career from time. As the event ended, the young rap acts smiled home with the sum of N300, 000 cash. Besides, extraordinary miracles were also recorded during the event.

On a regular basis and, according to him, as directed by God, Suleman, demonstrates his heart of giving and Spirit of Love for the people. Only recently, out of compassion and appreciation for dedication to service, the cleric gave out a range of up-to-date luxury machines to workers and members in his ministry. The gifts include two SUVs and two cars worth over N20m, a Lexus 350 to one Dr. Olisa Emeke, a pioneer member.

Characteristics of Suleman whose favourite maxim is ‘the secret to pastoral prosperity is to stop depending on tithes and offerings, and become givers’, he also dazed a Poly student, Victor Apebuamhe, a cobbler an ND 1 student of Architecture Poly, with a Honda saloon car worth N2 million and N250,000 cash gifts.

Another church member, Mr. Afedume, an usher and father of eight children, during that Sunday service, also got a Sienna car and cash gifts.

An award winning Nollywood actor, Emmanuel Emoabino a.k.a. Emma Blaq, is also one of the beneficiaries of Johnson Suleman’s large heartedness. Emma, who discovered his talent in Ghana and has been nursing the dream to build a film village in Nigeria, got from Suleman N1.6 million cash to boost his dream project, plus a Peugeot 206 Convertible car.

Also, Suleman extended his caring gesture to the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, by promising a 700-room, self-contained blocks of building to the institution at a reduced price. The groundbreaking event for the project billed to be completed in seven months has since taken place. After Auchi, Suleman promised to extend the innovation to two capital cities, Benin City and Ibadan.

Few weeks back, while on ministration visit to America, Suleman once again demonstrated his love and compassion on those not as privileged as he is when he paid a surprise visit to an American orphanage, The Methodist Services, Philadelphia. There he donated $7,000 cash and items worth $4,500. He also gave out $1,500 to a baby girl during the US visit.

Speaking on his regular giving schemes, Apostle Suleman whose Omega Fire Ministries has headquarters in 49 countries, with several charitable outreaches, says, “I don’t do this to please the world. I do it to please God. This is my own way of conforming to God’s set standards for His prophets.”

On government/citizens relationship, Suleman appeals for mutual trust and understanding more on the part of the leaders. According to him, “when there are no people there is no government. In the first place, if there are no people who would the government rule or lead?  People of a community or a nation are to obey the government of the land. In democratic setting, every government comes to power because the people under voted them based on the sweet promises made to the people, if it happens that there is deviation, the people should write the government through their representatives but if that fails, they should cry to God.

So how can the people benefit from the change promised by their government? From the spiritual view, Suleman offers an alternative while lining out the leadership responsibilities. “The only thing that is constant on earth is change. Change may be for the better or for the worse, whichever one it is change. In my opinion, a real change in Nigeria should be that: There were no job opportunities before for graduates but employment opportunities are everywhere now. Roads were very bad before but all road networks are good now. Government functionaries were looting the treasury and corruption is everywhere before, but no more looting of treasury and corruption now.We  used to import nearly everything before including toothpick but our country is now a producing nation not a consuming nation again and that our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased. People are dying before because of inadequate health facilities but well equipped hospitals everewhere now etc. All these would be a change to me. As for how Christians can enjoy change in truth is by following after righteousness in truth which exalt a nation including Nigeria according to Proverb 14:34.”

Over the years, despite glaring samples, there are people that are still unconvinced about the efficacy of miracles. This situation, Suleman attributes to lack of in-depth understanding of the workings of God as well as “misguided information and opinions about prophets and the Word.” “But the truth”, he says, “is, God uses His prophets to corrects, directs, instructs, encourage and imparts His children. Where there are no prophets, there confusion reigns. Prophetic encounters bring answers to all forms of want as God opens the root causes as well as the solutions to several life-long and generational challenges through His prophets. The world cannot do without prophetic intervention.”

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