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Agents of Malice Fail At Trying To Malign And Twist Prophet Genesis Message of Ethnic Unity and Democratic Freedom In Trending Youtube Video


In a recent youtube video shared online, Prophet Isreal Ogundipe, a.k.a Genesis, spoke about how the two other major tribes in Nigeria, viz the Hausa and Igbo, show strong support for their kind, while ruing the reason why Yorubas are different.

He also wondered why Yorubas readily antagonize, attack and sacrifice their own at every opportunity of personal aggrandizement.
To buttress his point, he called on a female member of his congregation who was of Igbo extraction and asked her who she will vote for as president during the forthcoming election, and without missing a beat, the woman replied that it is Peter Obi.
To the cheerful delight of the whole congregation, prophet Genesis graphical illustration and the Igbo womans response perfectly illustrated the prophets point, such that the world-renowned man of God requested for the womans account details with the intention of compensating her for her sincerity.

The prophet then proceeded to express his unwavering support for APC presidential aspirant, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and his desire to vote for the astute politician in next years presidential election, basically on the grounds that he is a fellow Yoruba man like him. He said he wasnt a bastard who will abandon his own tribesman to support the ambition of another.

He further stressed that his motivation and desire to support and vote for Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu was predicated on the fact that he feels it is the turn of the Yoruba to direct the affairs of the country after many wasted years of misrule by people who were chiefly of Nothern extraction.
He admonished the youths to desist from selling their votes and to vote for the right candidate that can positively turn the situation of the country around.

He reiterated his staunch belief in the APC leader and advised journalists and others who might want to twist his message out of context to have a field day as their tantrums and dissuasive antics have no effect on him.

Sounding a final note of warning, he advised all potential Yoruba betrayers of the Yoruba race to have a rethink and do the right thing by supporting their own to rule the country in the upcoming presidential election.

He recalled how there have been hardships everywhere as a result of past mistakes of the tribe, and also made a clarion call for unity and progress of the Yoruba race.

The world famous prophets media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi, publisher Bethnews Media and General Secretary of the Celebrity Journal and Publishers’ Association of Nigeria, CJPAN, noted how some disgruntled elements of disunity have been inventing malicious devices to mangle the sincerity and sense in the prophet’s reasoning.

He wondered why, in spite of the audio-visual quality and clarity of the video, some evil-minded people still found it very difficult comprehending the simple message of love for ones fellow brothers and tribesmen before others from other tribes when the chips were down, such that they chose to twist it to mean that the prophet has been bribed to speak on behalf of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and his party, whereas, the prophet openly declared in the video that he never requested nor received a bribe from the politician.

Watch the original video here

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