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World Glorious Prophet, Genesis Refutes Trending Fake Online Reports On Kidnappers, Assassination


…Watch the video and report correctly media aide warns

Oluwaseun Fabiyi the media aide to popular world Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe, aka Genesis, has denounced online/bloggers making round the social media credited to the Man Of God, in his recent preaching that assassins, kidnappers go after Prophet, Oladele Genesis over threats to expose Rev Esther Ajayi

Recall that Prophet Israel Oladele had preached/ shown his grievances over people who neglected him when he was going through trials of life.

Though he made some statement inside Genesis Global Headquarters located at Duro Isola street, Dalemo Alakuko in which the video of that preaching went viral as it reached over 70 millions viewers on the social media

Surprisingly, to those that still have the 7 minutes of that video clips can attest that there was no area on the said video that the man of God ever mentioned Rev. Esther Ajayi’s name rather he was expressing his grievances about life as Holy Spirit had directed him however, this is just a defamation of character emanating from some of half-baked journalists/bloggers and characters to have comes up after Atorise sending a threats messages to the man of God, in which Prophet Genesis was trying to respond to ‘Atorise’ threats to life but it saddened me and disheartening that some online/bloggers painted, tweeted it by alleging the prophet of God was actually directing the message to Rev. Esther Ajayi, if I may ask; how does prophet Israel’s responses to Atorise’s threats where he said he has been receiving distress calls from unknown persons over Atorise instruction to renounced his statement within 24hours on Rev. Esther Ajayi as those journalists painted,

In this case as confirmed to by his Media Aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi, publisher Bethnews media magazine/ online also secretary CJPAN association said the Man of God had been wrongly quoted and represented by those quack, copy and paste journalists

Frankly speaking, his media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi hereby dismissed in totality the online claims because there was never a time the man of God, popular prophet and accurate seer of our time Prophet Oladele Ogundipe ‘Genesis’ ever mentioned Rev. Esther Ajayi’s name in any of his messages and there’s no iota of truth in what those online reports in various platforms.

The ever busy and truthful man of God who is currently and seriously working on the forthcoming prophetic Standout Conference themed 5G which is aimed at bringing drastic solutions to the Nigerian economy, the popular televangelist hereby advises the general public, church members, and his online followers to ignore those online reports, falsehoods circulated on social media for their cheap publicity credited linking him to Rev. Esther Ajayi by ignoring Atorise threats to life as it’s totally baseless and unfounded.

On a final note, the youths and masses philanthropist would continue to preach the truth and upholds the scriptures as directed by the Holy Spirit.

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