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Why I ventured Into hospitality business – Olaogun


Babatunde Olaogun is a young and successful entrepreneur who has decided to raise the bar of hospitality business in Nigeria. Very soon, precisely in December this year, his multi-million naira Royalty Lounge and Suite will be opened in a very colourful way,and will parade dignitaries from all walks of life. In this interview with The Icon, the Lagos born socialite spoke on why he veered into the business and other issues.

What informed going into hospitality business?

Hospitality is diverse in terms of applications.For me, I opted for the lounge and Hotel aspect based on the fact that a vast number of people yearn for top quality,decent,serene, yet affordable places to relax after the Lagos husle and bustle. I am committed to providing this much at Royalty Lounge and Suites.
Why hotel and lounge?
I chose hotel and lounge because I am a complete extrovert and highly sociable. I am well aware that gentlemen and ladies look forward to days and periods when they will see where they can relax in a quiet, yet entertaining atmosphere.
How did you come about the name, Royalty Lounge and Suites?
The name, Royalty was taken from the mother of the business itself. I manage a firm known as Unveiling Royalty Enterprise. At the time I conceived the idea of Lounge and Hotel and Beauty Lounge, I considere that it was only logical for me to consolidate on the. Name existing name since it has been on for a while.
How far have you gone with the project and when is it likely to be opened?
We’re almost done with it. The official opening could have been done in September but was shifted to December 2016. The shift was strategic. We have been test running a few of the facilities and putting up new things. We’re planning on earnest for yuletide and the general festivities. Royalty Lounge and Suites is billed to be opened officially in December this year; Saint Janet and a popular comedian are billed to perform at the grand opening. The exact date will be communicated  in due course to our teeming customers. A lot of them have been contacting us on emails and other social media platforms. We’re putting things together to serve them better. They should just get their fingers crossed.
How much have you invested so far in the project?
We have invested a lot of money in it.From securing the facilities(for Lounge and Suites)on a long term basis to renovations, as well as putting up contemporary gadgets. As a matter of fact,we have invested millions of naira in it.
Why Ikeja?
Ikeja became a choice because of the fact that it is the capital of Lagos. Going forward, I realized that the most sophisticated lounges are all situated on the Island and probably other high brow areas of Lagos, not Ikeja. Fun seekers who besiege the island to have fun, most of them reside in the Mainland. So, why go all the way to the Island when you canhave the same quality at even a much reduced rate in Ikeja. So, that informed our decision of inventing the innovation in Ikeja.
What’re the unique services that will attract fun seekers the place?
We’re mindful of the fact that a lot of fun seekers don’t go out alone. In most cases, they have companies. Our services will include, but won’t be limited to the provision of essential beauty treats for women. This facility will in no small measure bring out the difference in us. We have provided a platform where a man and a woman can have access to different things, all in the same facility. This is unique and can boast that it’s the first of its kind in Nigeria.


Are you prepared for the stiff competition in the business?
We-re ready for competition, considering the kind of services we’re providing. It’s obvious that we’re clearly better equiped the most of our competition. The fact will speak for itself.


We learnt you’re also into politics and you aspired to Lagos House of Assembly seat, Ifako/ Ijaye constituency.But all of a sudden, you opted out. Why did you take that decision?
My political ambition remains solid. I declared in 2015 but had to step down based on some issues. The will to contribute my quota to the development of our fatherland remains steady. By God’s grace, we would push for same in the next election.

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