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Tinubu on 2019 polls: Nigerians must choose between moving forward and walking backwards

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Bola Tinubu, chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has advised Nigerians to “select the path of forward progress” during the 2019 elections.

The former Lagos governor urged Nigerians to perform their civic duties by voting with the best interest of the country at heart.

In his New Year message, Tinubu said: “We have a choice to make. The choice we make will demonstrate the type of nation we want. I select the path of forward progress for I have never recommended to myself or to the nation the awkward practice of walking backward.

“We must exercise courage and vision. We must continue forward for the sake of this nation and our posterity, we dare not retreat or regress.

“Elections will be free and fair. You must add your voice and vote. You must participate in this important exercise of our democratic rights and institutions. We seek to build a better nation. We ask you to join us.

“The nation is on the verge of an election to determine our collective fate, we can either chose to continue forward or return to the old ways that held us back for so long.

“Just as 2018 must turn into 2019, we must also continue to move forward. As time cannot proceed backward. Nor should we.”

Tinubu said the President Muhammadu Buhari led-administration had made progress in moving the country forward.

He said: “We realise that we still have much to do and far to travel to become the nation we are destined to be. Yet, we must also acknowledge that we have come a long way.

“We have made progress and it has at times been difficult, yet we stand with great hope and belief that we shall advance and move this nation forward.

“Let us recognize that which has been done this past year. President Buhari has built a foundation for sustainable growth and development, a path for a better future.

“President Buhari has brought transparency and accountability in the government’s businesses.

“The Buhari administration has shown the compassionate side of our traditions and our very nature by constructing a social safety net to assure the poorest among us are not neglected but are cared for as is the right of every human being. It has fed children that they may go to school.

“It has trained people that they may acquire a livelihood. It has empowered those who wish to start businesses and employ others. It has helped farmers become more productive so that they may earn more money while better feeding the nation.

“For instance, we have recorded significant breakthrough in agriculture with increased local rice production and the attendant reduction in rice importation.

“These things have been done not to win accolades but because they are the right things for a decent and caring government to do for a decent and good people.”


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