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Popular Prophet Genesis Global Supports Pregnant Woman On Wheelchair With Huge Amount Of Money


This world televangelist has done it again just In his determination to make life more convenient for his Church members, less privilege, prisoners, passerby, and elderly people within his capacity and outside his jurisdictions as long as he’s still breathing he promised never to stop impacting lives in his own little ways.

Of a truth, and without mincing words Genesis remains one and exceptional among the philanthropist prophet of God who emulated Jesus’ footsteps in this dispensation no wonder the Shepherd in charge Genesis Global whose headquarters of the Church situated around Egbado road off Dalemo Alakuko, Duro Ishola Street. Lagos State has remained an instrument in the hands of God to heal all broken-hearted and transform lives globally.

It was an atmosphere of joyous mood on Tuesday 25th of April 2023 during a Church special service of prayers and song ministrations, to many who thoughts the service would be as usual was perplexed and astonishment when the 7000 seater auditorium was full-blast to the maximum congregants capacity to the extent of having about 10 big canopies for extension as shelter outside the church auditorium just for the comfortability for all worshipers.

As the program, praises and prophetic prayer was ongoing, a prophesy came out from the man of God. ‘Genesis’ as he instructed all the worshipers to leave their position of standing and to started walking through the main Church gate while they will continue to ask after mercy of God or whatever they needed from their creator, lo and behold; before a twinkling of an eyes over 9,000 worshipers both youths and adults embarked on the exceptional prophesy by walking through the Church main gate and to the mercy land in their prayers choruses.

Honestly, to know a true man of God in a such situations like this, believe me, there must be a unique signs from heavenly kingdom, guess what? The prophet of God. ‘Genesis’ was praying at the top of his voice through his sophisticated wireless microphone that everyone could hear him loud and clear as he was shouted pleading for mercy on behalf of his Church members, thereafter, he changed the prayer points by asking for God’s sign in order to know that people’s prayers has been answered, suddenly, I repeat ‘suddenly’ there was heavy downpour the rain that didn’t change the cloud started falling heavily and unexpectedly even as many worshipers were still praying under the heavy downpour, no doubt, God answers prayers of saints when such prayers organized by a true, genuine prophet of God like prophet Genesis. At the caused of the service, God led prophet Genesis to sighted a pregnant woman who was on wheelchair hiding in the midst of congregations as the prophet of God called her out to revealed so many hidden secret of her life and where the attack was actually coming from as he ensured a solution to her problems; as if that wasn’t enough, the seer of our time, asked the congregation of over 9000 to contributed/donated at least a thousand of naira, instructed such money shouldn’t need taken via offering basket but rather it was instructed to be openly dropped on the Altar of God. As Prophet Genesis, requested for a nylon bag asked one of the Church protocol to packed the whole money as he handed it over to the pregnant woman, as ten minutes unending noises and shouting of joy started ravaging both inside the auditorium and outside because the gesture caught everyone unaware, obviously, this isn’t Prophet Genesis first time of doing this as he said in his words “God has the ability to impact not only one’s spirit and mind but also one’s physical body”, Prophet Israel Oladele Genesis has always demonstrated how the power of God works in significant ways. The prophet of God, in his powerful words ministrations, practically inserts the word into people and it goes right into the mind and impacts every fibre of the body systems. At the end of the day, the mission gives people the opportunity to share testimonies also not less than 1000 first time openly came out to give their lives and to officially join the Genesis Global as members henceforth.

The Bible is quite clear about the need for practical support for the needy and it is an unambiguous admonition of God to provide food, shelter and clothing for the sick, widows, children, the prisoners, the elderly and all those who are suffering,” stated by the prophet of God as his media aide Oluwaseun Fabiyi were on ground.

It was a service of joy when a young man who has been in prison for ten (10) years shared his testimony how he met Genesis inside Ikoyi maximum prison, saying the man if God preached also prophesied to his life when and how he would be released out of the prison and the prophecy came to fulfilment.

When Genesis media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi engaged the pregnant woman on Wheelchair to share from her joy and enthusiasm, hear what she said…

“I must say emphatically that I’m happy, blessed to see Genesis today, I Know my coming wasn’t by accident rather orchestrated by God. I want to say a very big thank you to prophet Genesis for this unexpected surprises, may his ministry never be tarnished, he will continue to prosper in all ramifications, he will continue to grow in the wisdom of God. I would also like to say this; Genesis Global worldwide are lucky to have him”.

This gesture according to the prophet of God. Genesis will be a continuous exercise as God leads/ direct him.

Oluwaseun Fabiyi media aide to prophet Genesis.

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