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Exceptional Genesis Fulfills Promises On LAWMA Street Sweeper


… Woman pull off LAWMA apron, says Genesis has brought her, family out of poverty

~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi

To identify a true Man of God is not something tedious to do, since Bible has laid down some criterias like loving fellow human, being a doer of good especially to those who cannot repay back, this and may others, stands prophet Genesis out as one of the top philanthropist men of God in the country

It would be recalled weeks back when the Prophet, Israel Oladele Ogundipe Genesis decided to give to a LAWMA Street sweeper a better life after giving him money where she was sweeping. We can confirm that this unique man of God has again by proven his gossipers and enemies of the gospel wrong by showing he’s not a Prophet that promise without fulfilling it.

Prophet Genesis lay emphasis on the fact that teachings of the Bible never taught him to be a promise and fail to honour, and has therefore fulfilled his promise to the surprise of many when he paid the LAWMA Street Sweeper an unscheduled visit on Saturday 1st of October 2022 with some cash and a promises to get her foodstuffs shop during the first meeting in August.

Though the man of God promises were termed by detractors as an attempt to play to the media but information confirmed by Oluwaseun Fabiyi the media aide to Genesis says the LAWMA Street Sweeper name (withheld) is now in a joyous moods as the prophet of God, ‘Genesis’ surprised her by fulfilling his promises to her, when he presented the rented a mini-foodstuffs shop that has been stocked with all manners of foodstuffs the woman listed to buy to start her new trade.

Recalled that the quintessential prophet of God. ‘Genesis’ once said he has been monitoring and noticing this particular woman who is hardworking and passionate about her work as a street sweeper and that each time he goes to church he sees the woman working tirelessly even when others might have gone on recess or might have gone to eat, this LAWMA staff was said to have been so committed and amazing to her work.

The great man of God ‘Genesis’ had severally stopped over to understudied her outstanding activities on the street of Lagos as the exceptional man of God, ‘Genesis’ distinguished himself to honoured the said woman with huge amount of money, also fulfilled his promises to lift her out of abject poverty by providing her and the entire family a shelter and foodstuffs mini-shop

According to Genesis Media aide Oluwaseun Fabiyi said the LAWMA staff was rolling on the bare floor to show her profound gratitude/ appreciations towards the humanitarian gestures from the man of God ‘Genesis’ after admitting that the man of God’s unexpected visit caught her unaware together with her entire family.

The small but mighty man of God known added spice to the presentation when he personally went to picked up the LAWMA woman where she was sweeping the street to accompany him somewhere while he drove her to the place where presented the keys to her new mini-foodstuffs shop all on her name.

The preacher explained that she was chosen after careful and thorough assessment by his disciples on the basis of her outstanding contributions to the environmental sanitation and socio-economic development of Lagos State and humanity, and also her sterling qualities which have endeared her to be a role model.

The grateful woman was tearfully praying for the man of God after which she pulled off the LAWMA work apron chanting how Genesis has brought her and her family out of abject poverty, she also showed her profound gratitude towards Genesis for his kind gesture.

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