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Budgit Exposes 17 States Owing Salaries, Pensions Despite N1.8trillion Bailout


BudgIT has again raised alarm that some states are yet to fully offset the outstanding amount owed pensioners and civil servants despite series of N1.8trillion bailouts.

BudgIT is a civic organization that uses tech tools to simplify the budget and public spending to raise the standard of transparency and accountability in government.

On Sunday, Ayomide Faleye, BudgIT head of communication, released a report of a recently conducted survey aimed at ascertaining the frequency and magnitude of challenges civil servants and pensioners are encountering.

The report sent to us explained that the survey focused on three categories of workers in all 36 states – primary and secondary school teachers, midwives and secretariat workers – while attention was paid to ascertain if retirees level were receiving pensions as at when due.

Faleye said BudgIT discovered that 12 states are yet to offset the amount owed secondary school teachers fully and that many states are threatening workers to keep the information away from public domain.

The report reads: “Notable among states with outstanding liabilities to secondary teachers is Osun and Kogi state.

“Osun State has been paying secondary school teachers above level 8 only a fraction of their salaries and entitlement for the last 30 months.

“Cumulatively, Osun state is owing secondary school teachers above level 8 about 15 months salary.

“Other states with outstanding liabilities to states include Abia, Benue, Bayelsa, Kwara, Imo, Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo and Zamfara.

“Kogi State, for instance, is owing teachers about 13 months salaries according to the response given by secondary school teachers during the survey.

“Midwives, whose responsibility includes attending to issues around pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, women’s sexual and reproductive health and newborn care – are also bugged down by issues including failure of some state to pay salaries and emolument as at when due.

“Midwives were questioned during the survey across the 36 states. BudgIT discovered that 10 states are owing midwives salaries as at close of business on September 24, 2018.

“Delta, Imo, Abia, Osun, Plateau, Bayelsa, Ekiti and 11 other states owe Pensioners entitlement ranging from 1 month to 36 months.

“Almost all pensioners expressed how unhappy they are, their dissatisfaction with the government and how hard it has been for them to survive despite years of hard work up into service

“BudgIT hereby ask States to offset outstanding liabilities to its workers and pensioners as funds in form of bailout estimated to be in the region of N1.8 trillion have been issues to states to offset all outstanding liabilities owe workers.”

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