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Bro. Joshua Iginla: An epitome of God’s vision, mission and passion

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Leading prophetic voice in the world and senior pastor of Abuja-based Champions Royal Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla has remained an instrument in the hands of God to heal broken hearted and transform lives globally.

As the word of God has the ability to impact not only one’s spirit and mind but also one’s physical body, Bro. Iginla has always demonstrated how the power of God heals in significant ways. The servant of God, in his ministering element, practically inserts the word into people and it goes right into the mind and impacts every fibre of the body systems. At the end of the day, the mission gives people the opportunity to share testimonies.

At Champions Royal Assembly, people are witnesses to miracles God performs and has been performing for more than 15 years since its launch. The fast-spreading ministry, headquartered in Abuja,Nigeria has several branches across the world, while Iginla has ignited many dimensions of Christianity characterized by charity, signs, wonders and healing miracles, around the globe.

According to Bro. Iginla: “Our mandate is to wipe out tears, restore people to their destinies by the revelation of the word, manifestation of power and reality of the Holy Spirit, and put an end to affliction and to produce people of fire throughout the globe. The Bible is quite clear about the need for practical support for the needy and it is an unambiguous admonition of God to provide food, shelter and clothing for the sick, widows, children, the prisoners, the elderly and all those who are suffering,” stated the Oracle of God in a chat with newsmen.

Bro. Iginla is not just blessed with the gift of firebrand preaching, and powers of divine healing and prophecy, his mega outreach also serves as conduit through which vital services are provided to local communities. On the side,Iginla writes books, many that inspire sickness-free life, God-centered dating relationships.

Meanwhile, looking at pastors of large congregations today, only a select few of them do tend to contribute hugely to a wide range of charities and community outreach efforts. Among this very few is Bro. Joshua Iginla. From the early Christianity to the modern age, genuine Christians have carried with them a beneficial concept of charity that has had, and continues to have, a substantial impact on humanity. Iginla is a perfect example of this tradition of old. It is always a moment of joy and fulfillment for members of his Champion Royal Assembly and even strangers, the less privileged including widows, widowers and vulnerable children when he blesses them during his regular charity scheme.

In his usual manner, during his birthday last year 2018, the man of God used the opportunity of his birthday which was celebrated on Sunday 27th, May, at his church headquarters in Abuja, to further reach out to the less-endowed in the society.

The revered man of God, who has penchant for touching the lives of the needy, gave out gifts running into over N60 million (Sixty million naira). Bro. Iginla dole out money, houses and scholarships to the aged, helpless widows, the poor and orphans.

Most of the beneficiaries who belong to Muslim and Christian faith had tears in their eyes as they were called out for the money and gifts. They, however, could not stop praying for Bro. Joshua Iginla. The televangelist revealed that being a Muslim did not mean they were evil and could not be assisted, hence, the reason they were located during the church outreach programme. The man of God revealed that he did not know them but the church met them during its evangelism.

Bro. Iginla, during the service revealed that he had the resources to acquire a private jet but unlike other men of God, he decided to use it to assist the needy in the society, as that was the number one mandate God gave to him.

An aged couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dabby Shakari, married for over 80 years, who were part of the beneficiaries said they had been living in abject poverty and were dejected. Life to them had been a twinkle and at a point, hopelessness seemed to have set in because of their continuous suffering. Their condition made them to wonder how life treated them with so much cruelty.  At the occasion, the man of God instantly blessed them with a cash of N1 million and promised to build and furnish a befitting house for them within the next two months. Meanwhile, he has already concluded arrangement to get a decent accommodation for them immediately while the house is being built. What’s more, the man of God with a large heart also placed them on a salary for life while promising to change their wardrobe.

Another 20 widows got a lifeline of N200,000 each to help them get their lives back on track. One of the widows, Mrs. Hadiza Audu with three children lost her husband on 19th of February 2017 and this has made things difficult for her. Due to perpetual suffering, she lost one of her kids because there was no money to provide food for them. She had to sell corn drink locally known as “Brukutu” just to provide food and attend to their needs.

Others who went home happy included twenty physically challenged individuals who were blessed N150,000 through the benevolence of Bro Joshua asa well as two orphans, 19-year-old Nancy and Mary Disi who were given hope again during the service and blessed with N300,000 each. Mary who lives in Nasarawa State lost her parents in 2012 while Nancy lost hers at a very tender age of five. Both had hitherto struggled to eat, falling victims along the line to bad elements who took advantage of them. They sadly had earlier dropped out of school due to lack of funds. They were given scholarships by the man of God and a decent accommodation.

A widow also left the Sunday service in smiles after announcing some gestures which restored sunshine on her face.

Mrs. Grace Danladi, the widow who lives in Nasarawa State with her five kids, having lost her husband, Mr. Sani Danladi to a chronic disease six years ago, got N1 million and a plot of land in the City of Wonders from the man of God. A three-bedroom flat apartment was to be built and furnished for her. The church met her and her children through its outreach. At the time her husband died, her last child was one month old and since the demise of her husband, she has been finding it difficult to finance the children’s needs through school and also feed them. She washes clothes as a vocation and earns a paltry N3,000 from this every month. Her five children also attracted the sympathy from the man of God who placed them scholarship up to the university level.

A helpless widow who attended the Service of Stars at the Champions City of Wonders was also blessedwith a cash gift of N200,000. The man of God also announced scholarship award to four of the widow’s six children for life.

The turnaround came for the woman and her family members at the church service which held at its headquarters on Sunday, 8th of April 2018. Having lost her husband five years back, the woman had been catering for herself and her six children without help from anywhere. She neither had a job nor any means of taking care of them, to an extent that she would be contemplating suicide.

However, help came unexpectedly when Bro Joshua Iginla, who has penchant for touching lives, located her through prophecy during the service and offered her what could pass as a lifeline.

After she lost her husband, there were lots of unfulfilled promises from family, friends and sympathizers which left her helpless and wretched.

Her eldest child had completed his education but could not go further due to lack of funds while two of his siblings had to take refuge with her friends in an effort to ease the burden on her. In fact, it has been from affliction to depression ever since.

During the Moment of Prophecy, when the man of God located her, she narrated her ordeal as revealed to him by God through prophecy and explained how her husband had passed on leaving six children with her. The revered man of God prayed for her, terminating the spirit of premature deaths in the family.

A little kindness goes a long way, but this was more than the widow had bargained for.  Her children would return to school without worries of paying their tuition.

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Bro Joshua Iginla has been fulfilling his kingdom mandate of supporting the needy and touching. Year after year, he spends millions of naira to provide for the needy across the country.

During his birthday celebration in 2017, the pastor with a large heart had showered over N23 million on over 100 widows who are members of his church to alleviate their suffering. As he always says, he is devoted to empowering the vulnerable particularly the widows, orphans and the less privileged in the society without minding their religion, tribe or sectional inclination.

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