Benue lawmaker, Tarkighir denies parading O’Level result in House of Reps


The member representing Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Hon Dickson Tarkighir has reacted to the report making the rounds in the media that he is currently parading O’Level result in the Green Chamber.

There were reports recently that a total of 45 federal lawmakers who got elected into the Nigerian parliament during the 2015 general elections to represent their various constituencies across the country were inaugurated into both chambers of the National Assembly with either Secondary School Certificates or Grade-II Teachers’ Certificates as their highest educational qualification.

Among the persons named to have reportedly got elected into the office with O’Level result was Tarkighir.

Reacting however in a statement sent to DAILY POST, the outspoken Benue lawmaker said the report was the figment of the writer’s imagination.

He wondered why anyone would put out a story without contacting the person in question.

He called on the general public to ignore the report, while referring to his higher institution attended before coming into office.

He said, “Earlier in the week, a friend and former course mate with whom we graduated in 2008 having completed our studies for MBA from Ahamdu Bello University Zaria, called with the news that my name was amongst those who are said to be at the National Assembly having no more than the barest minimum academic qualification which is a GCE.

“We laughed it off and I laughed even harder when I eventually read the full report and saw the other names on the list – some of which names are not members of the House of Representatives even as the report alluded to their membership.

“Others who were University lecturers prior to their sojourn in politics also managed to make the list. I took it for granted that any reader could tell the folly that is the report having noticed the obvious shoddy nature of its claims.

“But it was not until I read online reactions to the report that it dawned on me how many people, out of mischief, took hook, line and sinker, the said report and went ahead to make a mockery of the institution and each one of us.

“For the sake of my constituents, friends and well wishers, I am compelled to state (again) my academic qualifications. I do so in spite of being initially reticent about it because, I do not see myself or any other member as a better Rep than any of our colleagues whose academic qualifications might just be the barest minimum. It’s not nearly a factor in considering who has been or will be a better representative. I however, have a duty to correct a mischievous profiling of myself by a journalist who distorts a portion of my resume and goes to press with a scant remainder of it.

“The fact is that, in addition to my GCE, I graduated from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma in 2003. I read Business Administration. And in case this needs some confirming with the University, here is my Certificate number FD. 045729.

“In 2006/2007 academic session, I enrolled for a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the Ahmadu Bello University , Zaria and graduated in 2008. For checks with the University: MBA/ADMIN/00905/06-07 suffices.

“More importantly, I like to reassure my constituents, friends and well wishers that I am eminently qualified for the privileged mandate I hold and exercise on behalf of my constituency of Makurdi/Guma.

“Indeed, only yesterday, two more bills I sponsored, successfully passed the first reading. The one is to amend the National Tobacco Control Act (HB 882) and the other, to amend the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control Act (HB 883) this bill eventually passed will give NAFDAC the responsibility of regulating the Tobacco industry in Nigeria just like FDA does in the United States instead of leaving the regulation of a multi Billion dollar industry in the hands of a dept in the Federal ministry of Health for regulation as is currently the case.

“In my short time at the NASS, one and a half years to be exact, I have aimed legislation at issues affecting my country men and my constituents. I have raised a motion asking that the Federal Government replaces the 25,000 ghost workers it discovered, with actual job seekers since the Government has shown capability over time to remunerate such work force.

“This number, shared by and drawn from the 36 states of the Federation and Abuja, would help ease the high level of unemployment a bit. I also sponsored a bill to establish a Cattle Ranching department and outlaw (nomadic) herding of cattle that is not only outdated but has often led to clashes between our farmers and our herders.

“I make this known (again) because I believe that any interrogation properly so called, into how fit or not a public officer is on a job, must be based on how that officer fares in the discharge of the responsibilities of his office. Any attempt to ridicule by essentially lying about their qualifications must be scorned at so that we are all focused on the facts and on what’s important even as we continue the noble and patriotic task of holding office holders accountable.”

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